Over 30 varieties of foot-long Super Submarine Sandwiches.

Over 30 varieties of foot-long Super Submarine Sandwiches.

"This place is so great and friendly, the portions are amazing and the flavor on all their sandwiches are supreme. Their salads are really tasty too. This spot is a go to for a good sandwich, one of the most legit spots in San Diego."

Ali M.


"This was my first visit to College Sub Shop. The prices were great and the subs were very large! Everything was made right when we ordered it, and each sub is customized so you can get whatever you want. They have a big selection of different subs. I had the #1 and some macaroni salad, both were absolutely delicious and an excellent value!"

Catherine L.


"Hands down on eof the best sandwich places I've been to. Just the way how fresh it was all made and tasted. Absolutely on par, do not waste your time going anywhere else your final destination for a great sandwich is here."

Samantha G.


"Best sandwich in San Diego. Great bread great sandwiches."



"This is the SPOT to get your sandwiches from!! The owners are friendly, and family oriented. I love the quality of the sandwiches each and every time we come. I love the huge portions and the variety in sandwich options. The welcoming, open and bright sandwich shop decor makes you feel invited and the ease of the menu and ordering procedure makes things quick and even the sandwiches even yummier!"

Aily N.


"A true family run sandwich shop. Was kindly greeted by the owner and it was clear that customer service was his highest priority. Sandwiches are fresh and very well made. Prices are excellent as well. Definitely will be back. Support your local family owned business!"

James D.

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We serve a variety of food here at College Sub Shop. Our menu offers Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ham & Salami Sub, Meatball & Sausage Sub, 3-Cheese Vegetarian Sub, Vietnamese Iced Latte and more! Order online for carryout or delivery!
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